The pictures show examples of a staging proposal that only serves to deepen the compositional intentions. The stage elements solo percussion, the three walls, projections can be used completely differently. For acoustic reasons, however, the position of the microphones, the drums and the walls must be retained. The existing description in 72 stage designs also clarifies the idea of movements on stage in their temporal sequence, but only for non-binding visualisation. The gestural idiosyncrasies of the actors can show absurd exaggerations, since the play is not intended as a continuous plot, but envisages a progression of medial references to the performing itself.

The verbal myth with hope and death, emphasising the geometry of space, changes to an Orphic nature, then comes back into the theatre space to emphasise the nature of voice and string sound, exaggerating into overwhelming by the asymmetrical space, then a return to the stage space, ending in a video projection of the orchestra from above, which gradually disappears towards the end. It is more and more superimposed by the increasingly intense white of the stage space.